…you get used to seeing dogs in restaurants / shops / public transport

As anyone who has spent some time in Paris will know, dogs have a special place in Parisian society.  Most striking is the way that dogs accompany their owners to places usually exclusively reserved for humans, such as restaurants, shops and public transport. Sure, we have all seen the exaggerated version of this cliché in films and TV … Continue reading …you get used to seeing dogs in restaurants / shops / public transport

…#pfw affects your daily life

A few years ago I’m pretty sure I didn’t know that “pfw” stood for Paris Fashion Week.  I had plenty of acronyms in my life but “pfw” (or indeed “fw” of any kind) just wasn't one of them. When you live in Paris for a while, this starts to change and you don't really have any … Continue reading …#pfw affects your daily life

…your wardrobe becomes almost entirely black

I'm certainly not the first person to muse about this (nor will I be the last), but Parisians have a thing about black.  Or, more precisely, they have a thing about not wearing too much colour. I first learnt this from my former housemate (a lovely Parisian) who told me that you should not wear more … Continue reading …your wardrobe becomes almost entirely black